next project . . .

new quilt . . .

I’m attempting to design a new quilt. It’s a little intimidating to begin without a pattern, but it’s also very exciting. I think I have a pattern idea. Now the task is to select the colors. Let the designing begin!




I finally finished the “screendoor” quilt. The pattern is included in Elizabeth Hartman’s book, Modern Patchwork. It was time consuming and not a quilt for beginners, but fun to make and quite an accomplishment once it was finished. I took this picture with my iPhone and I noticed that the colors are not quite true. I made a few mistakes that in turn lend a little quirkiness to the design.


Summer is winding down already. Tomorrow is August 1st. Where have the days gone?! My summer creative adventure was to try my hand at quilting. It started with replacing a small gift quilt that my mother received from a co-worker more than a decade ago. I decided to go by the fabric shop and see if anything caught my eye. I settled on a flowers & blueberries print. It was a quick project, resulting in what my nephew calls a “quillow.” I’ll try to post a picture soon. Anyway, that “quillow” led to the discovery of what has been termed “modern” quilting and my summer commitment to finishing a full quilt. Now, I’m working on another quilt and even contemplating design. Whatever I do, I hope to document it all here.